Dane Wright Band

Band leader/drummer/vocalist Dane Wright began playing music at age 6 along with his older brother and best friend Casey, who is still playing along side Dane on guitar in his band.  That is just part of the chemistry that makes the Dane Wright Band one of the hottest in the private party business.

Dane is mostly a self-taught musician. He performed in concert band throughout school, but never took private lessons. Like most kids, he and his brother were influenced mostly by the music that his parents listened to including The Beatles, Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc. As a result, Dane always had a passion for classic rock.  At such a young age of development he never really considered himself as the band’s official drummer.  Rather, the group of boys always liked switching instruments depending on what song they were playing.  As 7 and 8 year old kids, neither one of them had a great singing voice either, but as one of the least shy, Dane volunteered to be the designated singer.  This stuck with him helped him to develop into a singing musician, something that a lot of people find difficult to do as a drummer. 

Throughout high school Dane helped form several bands, and got into the ‘bar scene’ at a very early age.  His group became the regular house band in a few different clubs, before they were even at the age to legally step foot inside.  By that point Dane knew he wanted to pursue a career in music.He graduated from Five Towns College majoring in business and also focusing on Audio Recording Technology. 

Today, the Dane Wright Band has made a great name for itself with it’s high energy performances, audience engaging personalities, and wide ranging vocal styles including Top 40, Hip Hop and R&B, Classic Rock and a tremendous repertoire of party favorites from the 60s to the 90s and early 2000s.